Summer e Winter Schools

Le Summer e Winter Schools sono corsi intensivi, studiati per incontrare nuove esigenze di approfondimento culturale ed interdisciplinare

Chemical and genomics-based strategies in the discovery of novel drug targets

In the last decade, we have witnessed changes in the design and conduction of research in the biomedical field, resulting from the decoding of the human genome. In particular, it is relevant that the revolution has been focused on the discovery of new drugs and new drug targets thanks to genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. The selection and validation of new drug targets requires a number of research strategies that have been developed recently. The aim of the School is to spread among young people in education and among those who are already working in this field, how to best use the tools offered by the most advanced research and updated.

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Summer School on Ion Channels and Transporter

This summer school gathers researchers from the ion channel field every two years and, through a format specially dedicated to young students and post-docs, fosters the exchange of results and ideas between renewed scientists and attendees in a friendly but stimulating environment. Objective of the course is to open a discussion forum for senior and junior researchers broadly interested in the field of ion channels and transporters, highlighting current research performed in european laboratories. Students and postdocs are especially encouraged to attend and present their results as posters or short talks.

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Bologna Winter School in Bioinformatics

 The Bologna Winter School in Bioinformatics is an advanced one-week school on cutting-edge topics in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. The specific topic is selected every year and the school gathers in Bologna internationally recognized scientists and group leaders of famous research laboratories in Europe or in non EU countries.

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