13° PhD Workshop

PhD program in Cellular and Molecular Biology Coordinator: G Capranico

  • Data: dal 23 luglio 2019 alle 15:55 al 24 luglio 2019 alle 15:55

  • Luogo: Polo Didattico Aula Magna Navile, Via della Beverara 123/1, Bologna

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Chair: Anna Galea / Paolo Costantini
14:00 Giacomo Vezzani (34, Scarlato / Frigimelica / Merola): Selection and characterization of human monoclonal antibodies to HCMV isolated from convalescent and/or chronically-infected subjects to guide vaccine antigen design 

14:20 Viola Viviani (33, Scarlato / Bartolini): Dissection of the meningococcal protective immunosignature elicited by 4CMenB vaccination

14:40 Benedetta Manca (34, Scarlato / Giuliani): Genetic and proteomic investigation of the role of the Surface Lipoprotein Assembly Modulator (SLAM) proteins in translocation of immunogenic surface lipoproteins in N. gonorrhoeae 

Chair: Renée Concetta Duardo / Houda Abla 
15:00 Stefano Miglietta (33, Porcelli): MCJ/DNAJC15: role in mitochondrial metabolism of chemoresistant ovarian cancer cells

15:20 Serena Jasmine Aleo (34, Rugolo / Ghelli): Mitochondrial function in the alpha-galactosidase A knock out mice model of Fabry Disease

15:40 Simona Paglia (33, Grifoni / Pession): Genetic and molecular analysis of the contribution of cell polarity disruption to brain cancer 

16:00 - 16:30 break 

Chair: Daniele Ghezzi / Annamaria Zannoni
16:30 Ylenia Beniamino (34, Zambelli / Ciurli): Nickel and human health: structural and biophysical char-acterization of NDRG1, a protein involved in nickel-dependent carcinogenesis 

16:50 Anna Galea (32, Norais / Scarlato): Development of new analytical tools for characterization of bio-conjugate vaccines in E. coli 

17:10 Jacopo Rossi (34, Trost): Structural comparison and biochemical analysis of alcohol dehydrogenases from Arabidopsis thaliana 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Chair: Marta Palombo / Giulia Gobbi
9:20 Marco Russo (32, Capranico / Marinello): A multi-omics analysis of G-quadruplex as a novel target to modulate innate immune response in cancer cells 

9:40 Ottavia Tartagni (34, Zuccheri): Reproducible growth of 3d cell spheroids for drug testing 
10:00 Andrea Miti (32, Zuccheri): Development of DNA based biosensors employing DNA self-assembly for microRNA detection 

Chair: Andrea Miti / Simona Paglia
11:50 Daniele Ghezzi (32, Zannoni / Cappelletti): Unexplored caves for the discovery of novel microbial taxa and bioactive molecules 

12:10 Marta Palombo (32, Ciurli / Scarlato): Molecular characterization of the heat-shock regulatory circuit in Campylobacter jejuni 

12:30 Annamaria Zannoni (33, Scarlato / Roncarati): HP1043, the Helicobacter pylori essential transcrip-tional regulator

12:50 - 14:30 Lunch break

Chair: Marco Russo / Stefano Miglietta
14:30 Roberto Ciaccio (33, Perini): The novel long non-coding RNA lncNB1 interacts with Ribosomal protein L35 to promote E2F-1 protein synthesis and N-Myc protein stabilization in high-risk neuroblastoma

14:50 Houda Abla (33, Porcelli): Investigating αKG derivatives in preventing metabolic adaptation in tumorigenesis

15:10 Sara Monticelli (32, Maestrini): The power of the model system Drosophila melanogaster: from Neuroblastoma tumor to Autism Spectrum Disorder

15:30 - 16:00 break

Chair: Sara Monticelli / Roberto Ciaccio
16:00 Giulia Gobbi (33, Ciarrocchi / Ambrosetti): Dissecting susceptibility to BET inhibitors in lung cancer 

16:20 Eugenia Lorenzini (34, Ciarrocchi / Ambrosetti): Identification of key genes in the development and progression of malignant pleural mesothelioma 

16:40 Simona Salimbeni (32, Capranico): TDP1 deficiency and genomic instability in non replicating cells 

17:00 Closing Remarks

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