Nanomedicine Research Group. Coordinator: Blasi

The mission is the development of nanocarriers for tumor drug and contrast agent targeting (i.e., theranostic).

Research Themes

The research is focused on nanocarriers able to deliver their payload through the Blood-Brain Barrier to improve the efficacy of chemotherapeutics already employed for cancer treatment. To this aim, the group is also studying and developing different advanced in vitro models (e.g., biomaterials embedded tumor spheroids/organoids) to characterize the developed nanocarriers. main reasearch themes are:

1) The development of nanosystems for theranostics

2) Cell encapsulation for in vitro advanced 3D cellular models

Lab Members

Paolo Blasi,  Associate professor

Lucrezia Galassi,  Research fellow (Topic: nanomedicine)

Martina Rossi,  Reasearch fellow (Topic: in vitro tumor models)

Marco Cespi, Associate Professor- Università di Camerino (Topic: nanomedicine)

Aurélie Schoubben, Associate Professor - Università di Perugia (Topic: nanomedicine)

Internship Projects (number)

  • Development of nanosystems for theranostics (1)
  • Cell encapsulation for in vitro advanced 3D cellular models (1)

Main Publications

  • Rossi, P. Blasi. (2022) “Multicellular Tumor Spheroids in Nanomedicine Research: A Perspective.” Front. Med. Technol. 4: article 909943.
  • R. Perinelli, M. Cespi, N. Lorusso, G.F. Palmieri, G. Bonacucina, P. Blasi. (2020) “Surfactant Self-Assembling and Critical Micelle Concentration: One Approach Fits All?” Langmuir 36: 5745-5753.
  • Albertini, V. Mathieu, N. Iraci, M. Van Woensel, A. Schoubben, A. Donnadio, S.M.L. Greco, M. Ricci, A. Temperini, P. Blasi, N. Wauthoz. (2019) “Tumor targeting by peptide decorated gold nanoparticles.” Mol. Pharm. 16: 2430-2444.
  • Dal Magro, B. Albertini, S. Beretta, R. Rigolio, E. Donzelli, A. Chiorazzi, M. Ricci, P. Blasi, G. Sancini. (2018) “Artificial apolipoprotein corona enables nanoparticle brain targeting.” Nanomedicine 14: 429-438. Nanomedicine 14 (2018) 429–438.pdf (
  • Casagrande, R. Tiribuzi, E. Cassetti, F. Selmin, G.L. Gervasi, L. Barberini, M. Freddolini, M. Ricci, A. Schoubben, G.G. Cerulli, P. Blasi. (2018) “Biodegradable composite porous poly(dl-lactide-co-glycolide) scaffold supports mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and calcium phosphate deposition.” Artif. Cells Nanomed. Biotechnol. 48: S219-S229. DOI: 10.1080/21691401.2017.1417866