International mobility programme

The Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnologies strongly promotes international exchanges.

Detailed information on how to apply for fellowships are regularly provided to students. The website of each Department Study Program contains a dedicated section with specific links to webpages explaining the requirements for applications. Students willing to spend time abroad while earning their degree may have the opportunity to take advantage of this support. Depending on Programs organization, international experiences may be used to acquire skills in specific fields or may be aimed to perform traineeships  and/or experimental work for the final thesis dissertation.

The Department has established a specific Committee for the Internationalization, with the aim of monitoring and promoting the international exchanges for the teaching staff and for the students of the Department, including Erasmus exchanges, strategic partnerships, Overseas programmes, as well as possible mobility of students and teaching staff towards Institutions that are not directly involved in the Erasmus programmes.

FaBit promotes more than 60 Erasmus plus exchanges every year . The coordinators are teachers of all disciplines and every year FaBiT receives hundreds of applications. The Committee organizes meetings dedicated to the students of the Degree Programmes of the Department together with the teaching staff responsible of the Erasmus exchanges, in order to inform about the different exchange possibilities and to support their applications.

Beside University of Bologna fellowships (Erasmus plus, Erasmus placements, etc.), Departmental funds are used to support these international experiences (Fellowships for abroad thesis period).

Additionally, different Study Programs (Genomics, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical biotechnology and Pharmacy) are specifically proposed in English to attract international students, and several students come every year to join our research laboratories.