How to reach us - Bologna

Administration and Multi-purpose didactic laboratories

Via S. Donato 15, Bologna

Via Belmeloro 6 branch

Via Belmeloro 6, Bologna

Ex Bodoniana branch and Educational chemical laboratories

Via S. Donato 19/2, Bologna

Via Irnerio 42 branch

Via Irnerio 42, Bologna

Via Irnerio 48 branch

Via Irnerio 48, Bologna

Policlinico S. Orsola - Padiglione 11

Via Massarenti 9, Bologna

Viale Risorgimento 4 branch

Viale Risorgimento 4, Bologna

Via San Giacomo 11 branch

Via San Giacomo 11, Bologna

Via San Giacomo 12 branch

Via San Giacomo 12, Bologna

Via San Giacomo 14 branch and Biochemistry laboratory

Via San Giacomo 14, Bologna

Via Selmi 3 branch

Via Selmi 3, Bologna

Via Fanin 40 branch

Via Fanin 40, Bologna

Molecular biology and biochemistry laboratory

Via Belmeloro, 8

Biotechnological educational laboratories

via della Beverara, 123

How to reach us - Imola

Educational laboratories ex-Lolli area

Piazzale Giovanni dalle Bande nere, 11

How to reach us - Rimini

Educational laboratories Rimini

Via Bastioni Settentrionali, 43

  • Contacts

    Research branches, teaching venues and offices.

  • Health and safety

    Information on risks, correct behaviour and emergency management in the main places of study, work and research of the Department and of the University.

  • Educational laboratories

    The FaBiT Degree Courses allow students to carry out individual laboratory practice