Research Centres

The Department participates in the following Research Centers:

Interuniversity Biotechnology Consortium (CIB)
The purpose of the Consortium is to promote and coordinate scientific research and transfer activities in the field of advanced biotechnologies in the biomedical, agri-food, industrial and pharmaceutical, zootechnical-veterinary, environmental sectors, making use of research units in the associated Universities .

Interdepartmental Cancer Research Center “G. Prodi”
The Interdepartmental Center for Research on Cancer (CIRC) aims to create synergies in the development of common research plans, in the preclinical and clinical oncological field, to all the institutions participating in the Center.

Interuniversity Consortium for Magnetic Resonance of Metal Proteins (CIRMMP)
The Consortium, established with the participation of the universities of Florence, Siena and Bologna, aims to develop and coordinate resources in the field of metalloprotein and metalloenzymes studies.

National Interuniversity Consortium for Materials Science and Technology (INSTM)
The Consortium promotes the research activity carried out in the associated Universities in the field of Materials Science and Technology, providing them with adequate organizational, technical and financial support.

Italbiotec Consortium 
The Consortium is committed to promoting the Biotech sector by enhancing national and international collaborations between Universities, Research Centers and Companies.

TEFARCO Innova, National Interuniversity Consortium for Innovative Pharmaceutical Technologies
The Consortium deals with research and advanced training in the field of technologies for health products.

Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research (CIRI)- Advanced Mechanics and Materials
Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna, which operates in the fields of Advanced Mechanics and Materials.

Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research (CIRI)- Life sciences and health Technologies
CIRI brings together biomedical and technological knowledge and skills that cover the entire research and development chain, from the laboratory bench to the patient's bed and home.

Maria Grazia Cuccoli Research Center
The Center for Research on Medicinal Plants aims to study medicinal plants at different organizational levels from the ethnobotanical, to the phytochemical and biotechnological levels.

C.R.B.A. -Unified Center for Applied Biomedical Research
The Center is a multidisciplinary research laboratory, designed with the purpose of accommodating, satisfying and integrating the needs of the various research groups present within the Policlinico S. Orsola.

Center for Studies on Bioinspired Agro-environmental Technology (BAT Center)