Food chemistry and nutraceuticals group. Coordinator: Budriesi

The research aims at the identification of new synthetic molecules targeted to cardio-vascular diseases, mainly class I antiarrhythmic agents, calcium antagonists, in addition, receptor agonists and antagonists. In the nutraceutical range, the study of natural origin extracts aims at understanding the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction targeting agents for therapeutic integration and new chemotypes

Research themes

The research is based on the study of the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity of new molecules, and on the relationship between chemical composition and biological activity of vegetal extracts on well type organs, tissues and cells and organ, tissues and cells with a pathological pathology.

Lab Members

Roberta Budriesi, Associate Professor

Laura Beatrice Mattioli, PhD Student

Rita Aldini, Research Volunteer

Internship projects

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical in metabolic syndrome

Nutraceutical approach in hypertension

Study of the chemical profile and nutraceutical properties of natural extracts on gastrointestinal pathologies as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and intestinal bowel inflammation (IBD)

Structure/ activity relationship study of new hits for cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

Main publications


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