Phase 2: caution and safety for a progressive re-launch of libraries

Phase 2: caution and safety for a progressive re-launch of libraries

Library of the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology, FaBiT: Library services and bibliographic resources available to the scientific community and students.

Published: 21 May 2020 | Biblioteca

Phase 2: caution and safety for a progressive re-launch of libraries.

It will be a gradual path towards normality, following the utmost respect for safeguarding the health of the entire academic community: teachers, researchers, staff and students, with the intention of at least resuming with essential services.

As the prevention and security measures adopted by the University become fully operational, loan services and the return of texts will be available again.

Equally, it is possible that for some services, such as access to reading rooms, limitations may still persist, which are necessary to ensure maximum security and avoid the spread of the virus.

Therefore, in this moment of transition, the main remote resources are presented below. From the beginning of phase 1, they have already made it possible for FaBiT Library users to have continuous access to the numerous library services made available to the scientific community and students of our University:

1. The entire system of the most suitable tools for your bibliographic research can be consulted directly from the SBA Portal through the Almastart discovery tool, the Catalogues, the Databases and AlmaRE (the Library of the Electronic Resources of the University of Bologna);

2. To consult full-text electronic resources, with any device from home or from anywhere outside the University network, the University Proxy service is available to be used, thanks to the Ezproxy technology;

3. "Ask the Librarian": online centralized assistance service provided by the libraries of the University of Bologna, which offers answers to questions of bibliographic nature, indications on research strategies and sources to consult. It also provides information on the University's library services.

During the closing period of all libraries, it is possible to use the online request form of this service also to contact the individual libraries and request assistance via remote tools (telephone, email, chat if available), ensuring to indicate the study discipline and - if possible - the reference library. You will then be contacted by the library staff;

4. The supply of articles through MyNilde .
The MyNilde service allows university professors, students and staff to request to their reference library to find items not available in the university or in the city libraries;

5. Quick Reference service and Advanced Reference service, information and consultancy, support on the collections of electronic resources, on access and search tools through remote tools (telephone, mail, Microsoft Teams);

6. Specific remote services for teachers and researchers, such as:

Bibliometric consultancy - Open Access assistance and support >

7. Updates on the latest acquisitions of online resources activated by the University Library System>

During this emergency period, numerous additional digital resources have been acquired to facilitate remote research and study. Numerous trials have also been activated on e-books collections which equally expand the offer of documentation

list of novelties  
list of activated trials;

8. Some publishers and suppliers have made some services available to the academic community free of charge, such as increasing the number of allowed simultaneous accesses, expanding the coverage of already active resources, and the availability of new resources: constantly updated list of the resources involved.

The FaBiT Library will continue remote assistance to the following contacts:

All updates on library services are available on the official University Library System website and on the official FaBiT Library website.

Please note that, as per the provisions of the University, starting from 18 May 2020 it will be possible to go to the Loan Point of the Library only by personal appointment on Tuesday and Friday - from 9 to 13.45. For updates and further details consult the FaBiT Library.