Administrative services

Activities and reference persons

Activities directly referenced by the administrative-managerial manager

  • management and monitoring of the budget assigned by the University and the Department's own revenues and all the acts deriving from it;
  • administrative management of real estate and movables (eg: machinery inventory, donation acquisition and management, etc.);
  • completion of administrative procedures related to the settlement of fees, missions, reimbursements and reintegration of the economic fund in compliance with national regulations and current university regulations;
  • administrative management of technical administrative staff, professor, researcher and research fellow belonging to the Department;
  • administrative management of passive contracts and agreements for the supply of goods and services;
  • management of access services and guidance / management of general reception and information services.

Responsible: Rossana Bartone

General affairs office and research support

Main activities:

  • administrative support to research activities, in particular in the administrative management of research projects of the Department and support to teaching staff and researchers in the preparation of the related documentation;
  • link between the Department and the school for all the activities related to teaching, in support of the Department Director and with personnel of the Department itself. For activities within the competence of the school, the Department (and the personnel involved) is functionally linked to the same in accordance with the School's three-year plan.
  • support to Departmental Bodies, both for electoral processes and for holding sessions (eg: preparation of the agenda, instruction of the files, minutes, etc.);
  • management and stipulation of active contracts as part of research activities and other types of activities envisaged by current legislation.

Responsible: Angela Tomasini

Purchasing Office

Main activities:

  • management of the purchasing process pursuant to the Acquisition Regulation in Economics of Goods and Services;
  • rationalization of the purchasing process through the management of a warehouse of consumer products for use in educational and research laboratories in conjunction with the Coordinator of technical services;
  • preparation of order forms and offer requests on the consip and intercenter platforms.

Responsible: Sandra Scagliarini

Library services

Main activities:

  • management of the inventory procedure, cataloging of the library material;
  • management of the consultation procedure for library material;
  • supervision and management of library loan, inter-library loan and document-delivery;
  • support for bibliographic research through the use of the main databases and the location of documentary resources;
  • management of assistance and advice to users;
  • management of periodic user training activities;
  • supervision and management of relations with suppliers and with the administration of the Department for purchases relating to the library;
  • support to the scientific committee of the library for the acts of competence;
  • management of the activity of increasing the library assets with supervision of the aspects relating to the competence budget based on the indications of the scientific committee;
  • supervision and management of the conservation activities of book collections, multimedia and archive documents;
  • supervision of access to library spaces;
  • supervision of the stations for the consultation of the online catalogs and of the electronic resources on subscription at the University;
  • management of relations with the organs and offices of the University library system.

Responsible: Anna Maria Caterina Giorgi


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