Department governing bodies

Head of the Department

Prof. Santi Mario Spampinato, full professor of Pharmacology.

The Head of the Department is a professor elected by the Council, who is responsible for the direction, proposal, supervision and coordination of both scientific and educational activities of the Department.

Department council

The Department council defines research objectives, plans requirements of new staff members for the Department and deals with the setting up and scheduling of degree programmes.

The council is composed by the head of the department, all professors and assistant professors, the head of administration office and elected representatives of administrative staff, students and research fellows.

Current members of the council are the following elected representatives:

Administrative staff




Research fellows 

Department board

The board assists the head of the department and is delegated by the department council to deliberate on a number of issues.

It is composed by the head and vice-head of the department, the head of administration office, 9 elected representatives of professors and assistant professors, 2 representatives of administrative staff, 2 representatives of students and 3 professors or assistant professors chosen by the department council among 6 candidates proposed from the head of the department.

Current composition of the department board is as follows: